Roedad khan

Since his entry into the Pakistani Civil Services in 1949, Khan has held a number of positions, including those of Chief Secretary Sindh, Chief Secretary Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, Managing Director of PTV, Information Secretary of Pakistan, Secretary Ministry of Labour, Secretary Ministry of Tourism, Interior Secretary of Pakistan, Secretary General Ministry of Interior, Federal Minister of Accountability, and Advisor to the Pakistani Prime Minister and President.

An Intimate Portrait of Remarkable Journey

Roedad Khan was born in a small village of Mardan, North-West Frontier Province, British India, to an ethnic Pashtun family of the Yusufzai tribe.

In 1939, he graduated from local high school and went to attend Forman Christian College and gained BA in English Literature in 1942. The atmosphere, in the College was liberal, tolerant and progressive.

Respecting his father's wishes, Khan attended the Aligarh Muslim University and gained MA in English history in 1946.

Upon his return to Mardan, Khan taught history at Islamia College, Peshawar and opted for Pakistani citizenship in 1947.

In 1949, Khan joined the elite Pakistan Administrative Service, formerly known as DMG, of the Central Superior Services and started his career in 1951. He started his career in 1951 as the Secretary of Chief Minister of Sindh Provincial Government.

His career was at peak when he served with Chief Martial Law Administrator of Pakistan, General Zia-ul-Haq, responsible for the country's internal security while intelligence efforts were built up to sabotage Soviet military intervention in Afghanistan.



A part of General's Zia policy to enhance the secret establishment, Khan served as its elite member. After the fall of communism, Khan officially retired from Pakistan's politics and civil services and went on to become a political analyst as of current.

Before being appointed as the Secretary General, he held the position of Interior Secretary of Pakistan.

He went on to become the Secretary General of Pakistan, the highest rank in Pakistani bureaucracy (could only be achieved after retirement if you had served in BPS-22 grade, position not in place anymore).

Khan had held major public offices during the regime of President General Zia-ul-Haq and President Ghulam Ishaq Khan.[6] He is also author of three books.

During his long career, Khan served with five Presidents of Pakistan namely, Muhammad Ayub Khan, Yahya Khan, Fazal Ilahi Chaudhry, Muhammad Zia-ul-Haq and Ghulam Ishaq Khan.

He served with three Prime Ministers of Pakistan.. He turned 100 on September 28, 2023.

Roedad Khan's contributions to Pakistan's political landscape and his dedication to democratic values left a lasting impact on the nation. His legacy serves as an inspiration for future generations of leaders and activists, reminding them of the importance of integrity, courage, and the pursuit of a just society.

Beyond his professional achievements, Roedad Khan was known for his humility, kindness, and generosity. He was always willing to lend a helping hand and support those in need. His compassion and empathy touched the lives of many, making him a beloved figure in his community.

 Life of is Roedad Khan's turning is an  era, of Pakistan's political landscape. His legacy of public service, dedication to democratic values, and unwavering commitment to the betterment of Pakistan will continue to inspire generations to come. His contributions will be remembered as a shining example of leadership and service to the nation.

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