Friday Club

This is an informal, social gathering of about 20 persons, mostly retired civil servants, all united by a common interest in current affairs, meeting every Friday, for intellectual stimulation and catharsis, without a fixed agenda at 10:30 AM at house # 7, Street # 2, F-7/3, the Residence of Mr. Roedad Khan, who acts as host and coordinator. Its origin goes back to mid 1970s when 'club members' used to meet every Friday at Zubaida Agha's residence. Altaf Gauhar, Ejaz Naik and Roedad Khan formed the nucleus. Others joined the club later.

Members now include Retired Governors, Foreign Ministers, Air Marshals, Federal Secretaries, Ambassadors, Educationists, Poets and Columnists. No papers are read and no speeches are delivered. No minutes are recorded and no record is kept. Discussions are uninhibited, free, frank, animated, and end up as brainstorming sessions. Meetings last for about 4 hours.